Expert Alliance

We are an alliance of talents committed to a transdisciplinary approach to communication. We shape each brand as an original work of art. This expertise is based on an immersive culture of digital and storytelling to meet all challenges of the organization. Our distinctive skills in architecture and physical space organization is often the icing on the cake.


for our ever growing passion for creativity. Success comes from a brand’s original story, interactions and unique experience. The positions we develop with our clients allow the emergence of quite surprising original viewpoints and thus of stories out of the ordinary. Putting the finger on a theme that justifies the brand positioning and successfully telling it in a creative way always stimulates target audiences.  


For the technology and the physical dimension that we naturally infuse into our creations, to give them more truth, materiality and integrity. This original approach allows the brands we defend to go out of the digital world and to invest multidimensional spaces in an ultra-modern way at the right time and in a very nice way (digital installations, trade shows, exhibitions, unique events, etc.).

Brand strategy

The enhancement of the brand image is the basis of all our actions. We believe that our understanding of brands and how they must create original experiences throughout the customer journey is what sets us apart. In our opinion, each brand must be able to fight a legitimate fight in our society. We commission extremely talented artists, photographers and illustrators from all over the world.

New brand identity creation
Brand strategy and vision
Artistic direction and positioning
Brand tone and voice

Our philosophy towards creation and design is centered on truly memorable and integrated experiences. Every detail counts in a world where customers are stingy with their time but eager for discovery. The purity of design is key.

Development of unique design experiences
Content Strategy & Production
Games creation
Photography & Video Production
User experience
UX prototyping
Digital platform design
Creation of physical architectures
Mobile & Application
Marketing Launch

By creatively positioning and delivering an almost political fight, the originality of the chosen channels for the brand becomes natural. Doing what has never been done is what drives us, what we are passionate about.

Product or service launch
Brand identity activations & Event
Traditional and digital advertising
Printing & Publishing
Social media
Full Stack Development
President - Strategist

President - Strategist

Passionate about the marketing and luxury industry, Lionel has 20 years of experience in strategic planning and execution of uniquely original projects. Lionel’s marketing creativity is based on innovation and technology and he is passionate about the ability of some brands to leverage emerging technologies to meet consumer needs instantaneously. His network within the world of artists is also an asset for all projects taken on by Rouge On Blue. He is Chair of Communications of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Angel Circle as well as Chair of the Board of Directors at, an organization  which fights against school dropout. Lionel has brilliantly managed the COSSETTE digital agency and has worked for such prestigious brands as Bombardier, Business Aircraft, Lancôme, Mentos, Bell Canada, Royal Canadian Mint, Aeroplan, Hydro-Québec, etc. In 2011 he set up an in-house start-up incubator for the global network of 21 agencies of the Vision7 International group.

Vice President - Creative Director

Vice President - Creative Director

For 20 years, Sébastien has directed spectacular projects and has accumulated more than twenty awards and Grand Prix both locally and internationally. Digital is for him part of the experiences he imagines with all the artists who accompany his work. Since his arrival at Rouge On Blue 3 years ago, his spectrum of actions is growing. Sébastien is now developing new brands such as the Angel Circle for Montreal Museum of Fine arts,, Catallaxy, HOCT & LOCA,, etc., from a blank page. In addition, he is also leading unusual projects in GAMING as part of the strategic partnership between Rouge On Blue and Behavior Business Solutions. It will make everything a game, but a clever game that advances people in professional spheres unexpectedly. In the past, Sébastien was also creative director at COSSETTE and has been very successful with clients such as Tourisme Montréal, Germain Group, Ricardo Cuisine, Air Transat, Mentos, La Presse + and many other happy clients!

Project manager

Project manager

Project manager  at Rouge On Blue, Hala relies on her strong sense of organization and eagerness to decipher the business world in all its complexity in order to carry out Rouge On Blue projects. A graduate of HEC in Marketing and International Business, she has lived in several countries including Morocco and Canada and she benefits from her culture of the world to better understand the brands and their needs of connections with any type of target in society. With her interpersonal skills and her passion for teamwork, she rigorously organizes and harmonizes the executions of talents at Rouge On Blue. Methodical and responsive, hala ensures the respect of deadlines and their coordination. Her love of words, languages and insight make her a passionate and detail-oriented writer. She is also particularly interested in the latest trends in marketing, digital transformation and the new opportunities that come with it.

User Experience

User Experience

Consumer expectations are higher than ever. With time, they have become more and more aware of what brands have to offer to impact their lives positively. They are looking for relevance, value, transparency, and reliability. Marco’s mission is to help these brands build meaningful relationships with consumers through interactive platforms and engaging programs. With a university degree in design, he has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in interactive communications. He has been involved in a wide range of projects, such as e-commerce solutions, social media campaigns, educational websites, and mobile applications.

Pierre Bernard


As his unconventional path attests, Pierre Bernard is unique among strategists, able to consider all aspects of a business through an inventive lens. Inspired by iterative approaches like Design Thinking, he brings an innovative dimension to brand strategy, focusing on resolving business problems and the collective appropriation of original, visionary solutions. He has earned success for his clients through the application of his trademark methodology, which includes the adoption of three key principles: collective intuition, open collaboration and mindfulness.

Senior web developer

Senior web developer

Passionate about computers and emerging technologies since 18 years of age, Benoit is dedicated to Web, mobile and application development. Careful with each line of written code, his sense of perfectionism is recognized by Rouge On Blue clients. On the lookout for the latest technologies, Benoit develops each project with ambition and precision in order to always exceed the expectations. He has to his credit over 100 ambitious projects including the delivery of the Museum of Fine Arts new website, Arte Musica and more recently