After 38 years of hard work throughout its range of luxury products, the company chose in 2018 to reinvent its brand. Our specialists have developed an integrated strategy to publicize the brand worldwide. The brand new positioning has already created new strategic presences including: new brand platform, transactional website, trade show, print and a brand new campaign ”Defy Obsolescence”.

Creation of CATALLAXY, the new brand platform (identity, logo, positioning, print, digital presence and events) for Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, who is investing in the world of Blockchain today with the best talents of the field allied to the strategic power of its consulting team. With more than 15 experts based in Montreal and close to fifty strategic partners around the world, Catallaxy supports companies and institutions in their blockchain transitions.

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To our clients, thank you for exposing us to your inspiring worlds. Whether it’s the world of the arts, sound quality, architecture, corporate gaming, blockchain emerging industries or artificial intelligence, you never stop presenting us with unimaginable challenges. We gladly invest up to 25% of our time for foundations or causes close to our hearts like or the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation.