Équipe Rouge On Blue / Rouge On Blue Team


    We have the most multidisciplinary team in the industry. This expertise is based on an immersive culture of storytelling and the digital world to address any organizational challenge.

    For digital poetry. Success is about original brand storytelling, interactions and unusual experiences. The surprising positions we develop with our clients allow for the emergence of original points of view and thus unusual stories. Pinpointing a theme that justifies the brand’s positioning and telling it in a creative way always stimulates target audiences.


    For the technology and physical dimension we naturally infuse into our creations, to give them more truth, materiality and integrity. This original approach allows the brands we defend to invest in multidimensional spaces in an ultra-original way at the right time and in an impeccable manner (digital installations, trade shows, exhibitions, unique events, etc.).

    Brand Strategy

    We maximize the strategic impact of brands, whether it’s to plan a company’s expansion or launch a start-up or to support the marketing units of organizations.

    That’s why we approach business, marketing or communication issues holistically. It’s our way of tackling issues at their source.

    • Business transformation and design
    • Digital and e-commerce strategy
    • Marketing and communication strategy
    • Digital strategy and planning
    • Customer and employee experience
    • Content Strategy & Production 
    • Business Modeling
    • CX (customer experience) coaching
    • Business analysis and technology consulting
    • Operational Optimization
    • Performance marketing and business intelligence (BI)
    • Customized coaching
    • Methodology
    • Consumer Insight
    Designing Experiences

    Our creation and design philosophy is centered on the human and, above all, on integrated experiences. Every detail counts in a world where clients are precious with their time but eager to discover.

    In short, we keep it simple.

    • Web and mobile experiences
    • Art direction and web design
    • Content creation and editorial management
    • Experience and interaction design (UX)
    • Mobile applications
    • Online commerce platforms
    • User experience and journey
    • Game creation 
    • Interactive experience
    • Ergonomics
    • Research and development
    Marketing Launch

    By positioning ourselves creatively and fighting quasi-political battle, the originality of the channels chosen for the brand becomes immediately natural. Doing what has never been done is our passion. 

    • Connected experiences
    • Integrated campaign
    • Identity & Event Activations 
    • Traditional and digital advertising 
    • Content writing
    • Social media
    • Technological innovation
    • Measurement (Analyze effectiveness)
    • Data Science
    Awards and distinctions
    Our experts
    Lionel Pardin
    Sébastien Guy
    Creative Director
    Hala Tazy
    Senior Project Manager
    Benoit Lapointe
    Senior Web Developer
    Marco Gervasio
    UX/UI Expert