The company MOON by Simaudio, with whom we collaborate throughout the year, continues to thrive in its quest for sound purity. This year, the leading manufacturer of high-fidelity sound systems is using its expertise and its 39 years of experience to launch a new sensational digital campaign called “Elevate your sound experience”. The campaign has just been launched and will last for 3 months. The wind of freshness that it brings is, to say the least,  tremendously transcendent.

Our specialists Rouge On Blue and the team of experts of MOON by Simaudio aspire to bring a new breath to the various media platforms of MOON with a digital campaign based on the emotions conveyed through sound and the exaltation of the senses; for which music exists.

We then focused our artistic direction on 3 personalities invented and imagined in order to arouse the interest of MOON customers but also in the spirit of acquiring new ones, having already shown enthusiasm for high fidelity music. . From May to July, many inspiring visuals and creatives will be featured on MOON’s website and social media, along with inspiring content and tips and tricks to enhance your sound experience. Launched during the week of the High-End Festival in Munich, it is with the feels of the campaign “Elevate your sound experience” that MOON proudly presents the last novelties of this year. Many surprises will be in the spotlight during the next three months and we strongly invite you to stay tuned!


At Rouge on Blue, it is always a real pride to count MOON by Simaudio as a business partner and it is with passion and dedication that we imagined and deployed this brand new campaign together.