Groupex is a horticulture cooperative that brings together a vast network of independent garden centres and landscaping businesses from Québec, New Brunswick and Ontario. As a powerful buying group, members can benefit from significant competitive advantages in the horticulture and landscaping sectors. Operating throughout Quebec for over 35 years, the cooperative has built a solid reputation throughout the province and currently deals with over 120 members and 150 passionate and exciting suppliers.

The last few years have been particularly marked by unprecedented growth due to the upheaval in the lifestyles of individuals who have begun to develop new habits and lifestyles, notably through telecommuting. Indeed, the interest in taking care of one’s home has grown significantly in recent years and people have discovered new passions for gardening, interior and exterior design.

This beautiful growth obviously comes with its advantages but also its challenges!

The cooperative has become aware of a growing need for digital transformation, particularly with regard to its business processes and work tools. Indeed, technologies have evolved and continue to evolve and the company felt the need to equip itself properly to be at the forefront of its industry. With this in mind, Groupex selected the experts at Rouge On Blue for this large-scale project.

Since December 2021, the entire Rouge On Blue team has been mobilized to provide strategic support for the digital transformation of the Groupex horticultural cooperative. This long-term project, which is one of our agency‘s key areas of expertise, has been articulated around 3 major strategic phases and is coming to an end in the summer of 2022.

Indeed, the objective of the digital transformation is based on a long-term reflection and strategic planning of the cooperative. Our experts asked themselves the following question: what is the cooperative‘s business model for 2030 and how can it significantly increase member satisfaction and the efficiency of operations and services offered?

To answer this fundamental question, our team of analysts conducted a state of the art analysis of the existing customer experience by doing a 360° analysis of the cooperative: internal environment, external environment, current business model, but also the best practices and 2022 trends of the industry in which it operates. More than twenty in-depth qualitative interviews were conducted with various stakeholders: employees, members and suppliers and very strong insights resulted.

After 3 months of research and in light of all these analyses, our experts were able to develop a clear picture of the current digital maturity of the cooperative but also of the wishes of each stakeholder for the future.
Following this, during the subsequent phases, our experts focused on developing a vision of the cooperative‘s future in an integrated manner. Indeed, various strategic reflection workshops were held with the objective of identifying the key and priority projects to achieve the desired digital transformation at Groupex based on the various discoveries of phase 1. More than 35 projects were identified, evaluated, estimated and organized according to a 5-year roadmap.
Finally, to instill the vision of the future of Groupex that resulted from all these months of work and to inspire the various stakeholders, we developed an interactive presentation in co-creation with the Groupex executive to demonstrate what the cooperative of the future has to offer its members.
To say the least, we can’t wait to see these seeds germinate and bear fruit!