Recently, Rouge On Blue announced a new partnership with Groupex, a horticultural cooperative offering an efficient purchasing network that allows independent garden centers and landscapers in Quebec to offer business supply solutions. With over 120 members and a turnover of several million dollars, Groupex is an essential player in the industry. The Groupex annual conference, held in Charlevoix on 22 and 23 March, was a great success, with the participation of 55 companies. The two days of enriching activities have provided an opportunity to discuss new business models, responsible economics and inspiring projects.

Mélanie Turbis, the Marketing Director of Groupex, gave a lovely conference during the congress, presenting the new brand image developed by Rouge On Blue and Fons Origo and the ambitious marketing plan of the company grew in co-creation with Groupex and Pierre Bernard Dow-Blanchet. Managing Director Sébastien Cordeau and Annick Giasson, Purchasing and Marketing Coordinator, also presented ambitious projects that will allow the cooperative to make significant savings through the new digital transformation underway.

Rouge On Blue won the co-op’s two-year mandate for digital transformation. The co-op allowed Rouge On Blue to develop a brand-new customer experience with a 2030 vision. To reach this new enhanced experience, Rouge On Blue has developed a portfolio of specific projects. Lionel Pardin and Louise Lamarche presented the new Groupex intranet platform, which integrates the concepts of artificial intelligence and the strengths of the new platform: personalization, security, fluidity and productivity gains.

Rouge On Blue is proud of this new partnership with Groupex. It is committed to continuing its digital transformation mission to enable the cooperative to be the most competitive in the market. The cooperation and collaboration between the two companies have made it possible to develop innovative and ambitious projects for the future. The future looks bright for Rouge On Blue and Groupex, with significant synergies to come.