Rouge On Blue reinvents the Dominique Filion brand, one of the most important companies in landscape architecture and landscaping in Quebec.


Montreal, July 24, 2023 – Rouge On Blue is proud to announce its collaboration with Dominique Filion Services Paysagers. Through a creative and visionary approach with the client team, Rouge On Blue has given fresh momentum to the Dominique Filion brand for years to come.

Dominique Filion Services Paysagers are renowned for their ability to transform outdoor spaces into true havens of life. Boasting several teams of specialists and master landscapers, they design custom projects that enhance clients’ architectural heritage while respecting their lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to allow everyone to “vivre son extérieur” with elegance and refinement, regardless of the season.

The company also enjoys great success among business clients, including communities, private enterprises, and unions.


“We are confident, optimistic, creative, and highly organized and determined experts, committed to ensuring the success of projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious,” says the company’s management.


As part of the reinvention of the Dominique Filion brand, Rouge On Blue worked closely with the internal team to create an identity that perfectly reflects the philosophy and values of this 30-year-old company. The values of support and refinement were at the heart of the development process for the new brand image.

Supportive – Rouge On Blue ensured that the new brand identity conveys a sense of support and assistance to each client at every stage of their landscaping project. The goal is to build a relationship of trust and camaraderie with clients, guiding them throughout the realization of their ideal outdoor space.

Refined – The Dominique Filion brand is now synonymous with refinement. Rouge On Blue added an extra touch of sophistication, elevating each project from beautiful to magnificent and from superb to sublime. Every detail is carefully crafted to create unique outdoor spaces that harmonize with each client’s architectural heritage and personality.

Clever – The brand strategy developed by Rouge On Blue aims to intelligently engage with clients, offering conceptual and relevant projects and communications. The objective is to respect the intelligence of the client while stimulating them with innovative ideas and clever solutions for their outdoor spaces.


Here’s how the project was implemented in the last month:


Definition of the brand, key messages, values, personality, and brand voice.


  • Enhanced logo
  • Refined symbol
  • New identity colors
  • New photography guide
  • New iconography
  • New main typefaces
  • New secondary typefaces

Strategic applications of the new brand delivered in design:

  • Ideation for future campaigns
  • Integrated marketing plan for 2023-2024
  • Advertisements and related strategies
  • Customer loyalty and referrals
  • Digital signage
  • Sales kit
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Social media
  • Trucks and advertisements
  • Business cards

These achievements and designs conceived by Rouge On Blue have revitalized the Dominique Filion brand, which will strengthen its presence in the market and its commitment to its clients from its launch in December 2023.

“L’extérieur nous habite”, declares Dominique Filion. “With this philosophy, we worked hand in hand with Rouge On Blue to bring our reinvented brand to life. We are delighted to create unique and personalized outdoor spaces for our clients, reflecting their lifestyle and personality, both for the private and business markets in Quebec.”

The client-side project is skillfully managed by an experienced person, Eric J. Hughes, along with the Filion family for its strategic choices.


The Rouge On Blue team involved in the project:


  • Hala Tazi, Consulting Director
  • Meriem S-Ferroukhi, Marketing Analyst
  • Sébastien Guy, Creative Director
  • Christian Desrosiers, Creative and Copywriting
  • Benoit Lapointe, Technologies
  • Lionel Pardin, Strategic Planner

About Rouge On Blue : Rouge On Blue is a multidisciplinary communication agency known for its innovative brand strategies. With a passionate and creative team and a network of 26 experts, the agency relies on an immersive digital and narrative culture to meet the challenges of its clients’ present and future. The agency has also been specialized in digital transformation for 10 years.


For reasons of confidentiality, the accomplishments and design of the new brand will be revealed by our client in December 2023.