Rouge On Blue supports Samsung Ads in creating a collaborative platform for its engineers


Montreal, August 1, 2023 – Rouge On Blue, the communication agency specialized in digital strategies, is proud to announce the continuation of its successful collaboration with Samsung Ads (formerly known as AdGear) for the past 10 years. In the context of an exciting new mandate, Rouge On Blue worked hand in hand with the Engineering team at Samsung Ads to create an exceptional platform reserved for engineers, allowing real-time sharing of strategic information on technological advancements and possible technology applications in 2023.


The challenge of creating a strategic sharing platform for engineers


At the heart of this collaboration was a significant challenge: to provide Samsung Ads engineers with a real-time sharing space (a “blog” type platform) for strategic information related to innovations and artificial intelligence. The goal was to enable smooth and efficient collaboration between the Montreal teams and other Samsung Ads teams worldwide, based in the United States, Korea, Europe, Australia, India, Mexico, Brazil, and elsewhere.


Active and successful collaboration


The new platform, custom-created and programmed by Rouge On Blue, was successfully launched in July 2023 and was enthusiastically welcomed by Samsung Ads engineers. Rouge On Blue continues to collaborate with this prestigious client on various digital projects. Thanks to its expertise in digital strategies and understanding of Samsung Ads’ needs and expectations, Rouge On Blue provided a tailored solution to support the engineering teams in their quest for innovation and global collaboration. The platform is in line with Samsung Ads’ strategic vision and brand.

“The era of technological innovations and artificial intelligence is exciting, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Samsung Ads on this groundbreaking project,” says Lionel Pardin, strategist. “Our agency is committed to delivering cutting-edge and original digital solutions, and this collaboration perfectly illustrates our dedication to excellence.”


About Rouge On Blue : Rouge On Blue is a communication agency specialized in digital strategies, offering creative and innovative solutions to its clients. The agency is recognized for its expertise in digital strategies, its ability to tackle complex challenges, and its commitment to the success of its clients.