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    Amerispa et Moment Spa

    Rouge On Blue successfully delivered 14 transactional web platforms this spring, allowing all AMERISPA and MOMENT SPA spas in Quebec to present all their services in an innovative way. The mandate included many challenges, including a complete overhaul of the loyalty program.

    Rouge On Blue was thus mandated to carry out the analysis, design, programming and launch of all transactional Web platforms. One of the biggest challenges for Rouge On Blue was to integrate all these platforms with an ERP used by all the group’s spas. The success of this integration has allowed Amerispa’s clients to manage their reservations and payments online in a highly efficient manner. The new loyalty program offers Amerispa customers exclusive benefits and rewards for their loyalty. Web customers are now independent in their management of their points and can spend them as they wish.

    Amerispa et Moment Spa

    The agency incorporated an original and creative approach to the redesign of the loyalty program, highlighting the exclusive benefits offered to program members and creating a program that rewards customer loyalty while reinforcing the Amerispa brand.

    “We are thrilled with the new loyalty program we created for Amerispa and Moment Spa,” said creative director Sebastien Guy of Rouge On Blue.  “Our unique approach and expertise in design and technology allowed us to design and implement an original and effective online experience for Amerispa customers.”

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