Launch of a new digital platform
    and creation of the new identity for
    Les Services Paysagers Dominique Filion
    Expanded Living Experience

    The Dominique Filion Landscaping Services recently underwent a digital metamorphosis, redefining their identity with elegance and modernity. The logo, a reflection of cutting-edge expertise, embodies confidence, optimism, and creativity. The digital platform, born from user collaboration and in-depth research, provides an immersive experience, highlighting interactivity and captivating videos. These videos unveil the creative process and past achievements, capturing the essence of the company. The redesigned style guide harmonizes each visual element with the new values, emphasizing the commitment to “inhabit the outdoors with elegance and refinement in every season.” This digital transformation positions Dominique Filion as an innovative player, promising exceptional outdoor spaces and propelling the company to new heights.

    The results are found at the intersection of design and technology